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April 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 4/21/22 Zoom

In Attendance: Andrew LaPorte, Tim Meyung, Andy Gordon, Brian Purdy, Jeff “Murph” Murphy

**Please be advised that a possible theft may have occurred in the pool parking lot. A member's car was parked there overnight and is now missing a backpack that contained a laptop. Please lock car doors and, if possible, park inside garages. Police were notified. ** The backpack was found about a mile away from the community with nothing missing, but unfortunately, the rain had ruined the backpack’s contents.

Hot Topics:

- ***HOA BOARD OPENING*** We are looking for a new Treasurer. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the board if you are interested.

- Pool Officially Opening 27th May, Friday of Memorial Day

- KEYS – Members having issues with gaining entry to common areas, please let us know. We are making up new keys that we have tested for both Pool & Tennis courts and will make available on request before the start of the season. You will need to turn in your old key if you request a new one. If you have trouble with your current key, please email to begin the process.

Treasurer’s Report:

- Pool license fees paid for the year

- Utility bills are up-to-date

- If you haven’t paid HOA dues, please do so. Andy Gordon has sent out letters to all parties and will be sending out notices starting at the beginning of next month.

HOA Finances:

- Services from our vendors are going up with supply chain and employee retention; we have reassessed the contracts and renegotiated with them to get the best price and quality.

New Business:

- Getting quotes for parking lot repair. The vendors we are looking into for quotes are Absolutely Heart and Abco.

- Landscaping approved by the board for improvements around the common areas.

Old Business:

- Pool lights are being shipped and should be ready before the start of the season

Next Scheduled Meeting: May 19th at 7:00 pm @ Pool House


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