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August 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Tanglewood Homeowners’ Association

Meeting August 20, 2020 Location: THOA Pool House @7:00 – 7:45

In attendance: President Janet Hillard, IT/Communications Tim Meyung, Grounds/Pool Kelly Rotheiser, Secretary Brian Purdy

Hot Topics:

- Pool cleaning will now be every member’s responsibility to clean and sanitize. Pool company will still be supplying cleaning solutions that are in the back of the men’s/women’s bathrooms. An email was sent out on August 14th with more detail.

- We are also looking into extending pool days until later in the year. Per meeting the date is in flux based on pool traffic and weather.

- Food Trucks/Activities: We are allowed to have these events; we just ask that a member of the board be notified beforehand. As far as coordinating these events all funds must be outside HOA dues. WE HAVE ONE THIS SUNDAY FROM 4:30 PM7:00 PM. MAMA BEAR’S MAC & CHEESE!!!!


- All expenses for the year are paid to date and association dues are current for HOA.

- The additional cost of extending pool days outside of agreed upon contract is $40/day.

Old Business:

- Pool Hours have been from 8 pm until 10 pm. We do ask that all members be respectful to the neighbors surrounding the pool and be conscientious about cleanliness and noise coming from the pool at late hours.

- In the previous meeting minutes, there was a typo. The meeting minutes should have stated that “the by-laws have been updated to allow “non-commercial trucks” to be parked in the driveways for the extended periods.

- HOA website is up and running and has seen considerable traffic since launched August 14th per administrator. If not familiar with the address go to Log in information is on the HOA email sent out on the 14th.

- The HOA's new Gmail address ( is up and running and being checked daily by Tim and Brian. Please send questions to this address, response time is less than a day.

- If there is someone who is not receiving emails from the HOA please email/call Tim or one of the members, so we have all the right address’. We would like to make emails the most common way for correspondence going forward so please reach out if you know a member not receiving emails.

- Board talked briefly about contingency plans regarding COVID19 - i.e. for future meetings via Zoom, WebEx, etc.

New Business:

- Some pool furniture was damaged and has since been collected by furniture company and will be replaced when back in stock.

- An electrician came to look at the electrical work and pool lights. All electric was cleared and it appears to be a light fixture issue so we will be working to get that fixed.

- Bylaws: The board is currently looking into bylaws and covenants to see if updates are needed. Preliminary research is being collected and will follow up in the next meeting. If you or someone would like to assist in this, please let us know. We are not sure if it’s needed but if so, we will kindly accept help.

Tennis CourtsSuzy and Kelly are looking into the costs of upkeeping/re-finishing the tennis court. We plan to discuss it more in detail at the September meeting if you have questions please bring them.

To be Addressed at next meeting:

- Date of pool closing

- Electrician findings and subsequent fees

- Possible committee for bylaw changes

Next scheduled meeting: September 17th @7:00 at the pool


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