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February 16, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 2/16/23 Google Meets

In Attendance: Andy Gordon, Jeff “Murph” Murphy, Kelley Schatzel, Mike Rozzo, Andrew LaPorte, Timothy Meyung

Treasurer’s Report:

· 2023 THOA Dues are due by April 1st.

Invoices are being prepared and will be mailed out asap.

HOA Finances:

· THOA 2023 Budget has been approved.

New Business:

· Pool Maintenance

o Repair broken pool step

o Repair broken pool light

o Purchase replacement pool cover

· Playground Maintenance

o Ordering new mulch for the playground. We are looking at late April – May. We hope to have community volunteers come out again to help spread the mulch.

· Beautification and Improvement Projects

o Holiday decorations for Pool House.

o Meet with Tall Oaks to discuss improvements to common area landscaping.

o Standardization of all locks at the pool, tennis court, and bathroom. Issue working keys to all THOA members.

o Research and purchase furniture for the kid’s pool area.

o Add a large recycling bin in the pool area.

o Add bulletin Board to common area.

o Add shower curtains to bathroom showers.

o Add additional toddler swing to the swing set.

Old Business: · All THOA Board Members were reelected to the positions they held last year.

· Thank you, Mike Rozzo and Jeff Murph, for removing the tree stumps from the common area.

Next Scheduled Meeting: March 16th @ 7:30


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