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June 17, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 6/17/2021 Pool

In Attendance: Suzy Wood, Jeff “Murph” Murphy, Andrew LaPorte, Andy Gordon, Tim Meyung

Hot Topics:

  • Tennis court renovation complete!!!

  • Please help us protect our investment by only using the court for tennis and pickleball. Remind your young people that bikes, skateboards, scooters are strictly prohibited in the tennis court area. This will be critically important when the repairs are complete so that no damage is done to the court.


  • All 2021 Dues have been received. Thank you to all homeowners.

  • Received 1st quote for parking lot crack filling/resurfacing. Looking into adding this expense to the 2022 budget. More to come

Old Business:

  • Tim is working on updated forms to add to the website. Please remember to complete a form with your plans for HOA approval prior to beginning the project. Any questions – please ask. Will notify the HOA when the new forms are available.

New Business:

  • Watson’s is aware of furniture failures and is talking with the vendor for replacement

  • Fire extinguisher in pool room upgraded to one that will extinguish chemical fires, previous one to be hung by the grill with signage indicating its location

  • Murph is looking into repairs on pool equipment and will check back in next meeting

  • Mulch for the playground has been quoted by 3 companies and a vote to move forward with Lester Supply has been approved.

  • Accessing filtration system, made repairs and is working well but will be a temporary solution. Reassess if problems come back.

  • Pool light parking lot side still having issues, Murph checking with the electrician who initially checked last year for more info.

Discussion items for July meeting:

  • Watson’s furniture

Next Scheduled Meeting: July 15th @ 7:00 – Pool House


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