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June 16, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 6/16/22 @ Pool

In Attendance: Tim Meyung, Andy Gordon, Brian Purdy, Jeff “Murph” Murphy, Kelley Schatzel, Jean Helbach

The THOA Board has received complaints about excessively loud music being played at the pool. We would request that all THOA members be respectful of their neighbors and keep music being played at the pool down to reasonable levels.

We want to remind all THOA members that the pool is for use by Tanglewood 2 Homeowners and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied by a homeowner. Please have consideration for other members when utilizing this guest privilege.

Hot Topics:

- Mike Rozzo has been voted in by the board as treasurer, and Kelley Schatzel has been voted in as social chair. If you see them around the pool or neighborhood, thank them for stepping up

- Pool open, hours are 8 am to 10 pm, no smoking, no glass, please clean up after yourself, put umbrellas down if last one at the pool, shut restroom doors, no inflatable tubes that are sized to fit more than two people

- Swim lessons are offered on Wednesdays starting at 5 pm; request to join the Facebook group “THOA Swim Classes” for more info

Treasurer’s Report:

- All HOA dues are paid

HOA Finances:

- Finances up to date

New Business:

- Board looking into quotes on additional tables, umbrellas, and chairs for the pool area.

- Murph looking into stump removal of 2 trees, getting estimates

- Getting quotes for parking lot repair. The vendors we are looking into for quotes are Absolutely, Heartz, and Abco. Received Heartz waiting on Abco

- Landscaping approved by the board for improvements around the common areas. Worked with Tall Oaks on a beautification project. Implementation almost finished

Old Business:

- House and Fence Improvement forms on the website thank you, Tim Meyung, for updating the website.

- Board approved purchasing another picnic table for the baby pool

- KEYS – Members having issues gaining entry to shared areas, please let us know. We are making up new keys that we have tested for both Pool & Tennis courts and will make available on request before the start of the season. Please return your old keys when you get the new ones

- Waiting on Pool light to come in for repair

Next Scheduled Meeting: July 21st at 7:00 pm @ Pool


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