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May 20, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 5/20/2021 Pool



In Attendance:

Suzy Wood, Jeff “Murph” Murphy, Andrew LaPorte, Andy Gordon, Brian Purdy, Jeanie Helbach, Clayton & Kaitlyn Armstead

Hot Topics:


- Tennis/pickleball lines are scheduled to be painted on Monday, 5/24. A new net also

needs to be installed – we will notify HOA members when the tennis court is open.

Hope everyone gets an opportunity to get out and enjoy this neighborhood amenity!

- Only “foot” traffic is allowed on the court. Bikes, scooters, skateboards, strollers,

wagons, etc. are prohibited as all can damage the acrylic paint which has been applied.

Please note pool furniture is also prohibited on the new court. Please remind all family

members of these restrictions. Signs are being made and will be installed at each gate

to the court. Please do your part to help protect your HOA investment.


- HOA Dues are paid in full.

- Will look into the possibility of electronic payments for dues next year.

Old Business:

- Some discussion regarding printed notes. They have been emailed for several years

now. If you do not have access to a computer and would like to receive monthly

minutes printed, please let us know.

- Discussed volunteer role of social chair: Alex & Mike Rozzo agreed to take on and will

oversee the Facebook group to promote future activities. Talk of movie night came up.

- Murph approved to repair/improve locking systems on the tennis court

- This is the time of year many are thinking about home improvements/additions. Tim

is working on updated forms to add to the website. Please remember to complete a

form with your plans for HOA approval prior to beginning the project. Any questions –

please ask. Will notify the HOA when the new forms are available.

New Business:

- Looking into ways to possibly paint or spray with rust-oleum type product for tennis

court fencing. Probably would have to budget that for next year. If anyone has any

creative ideas, please let us know.

- The landscaping around the playground was discussed. Getting measurements for

mulch and will look to complete soon. UPDATED: Procuring 2 quotes on removal for

trees by the tennis court and shrubs by sign. Getting another quote.

- Accessing filtration system, made repairs and is working well but will be a temporary

solution. Reassess if problems come back.

- Contacting Watson’s on pool furniture hoping to replace umbrella and some other

items under warranty

- Pool light parking lot side still having issues, Murph checking with the electrician who

initially checked last year for more info.

Discussion items for June meeting:

- Follow up on Tree/Shrub removal

- Follow up on Signs

- Watson’s furniture

- Discuss the possibility of starting a community bulletin board.

Next Scheduled Meeting: June 17th @ 7:00 – Pool House


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