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May 21, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Tanglewood Home Owners’ Association

Meeting May 21, 2020

Location: THOA commons area parking lot @7:00

In attendance: Phil Tilly, Jim Wohl, Bob Haemmerle, Chuck Welch, Connie Klingelhoffer, Schelto van Doorn, Brian Warren, Matt and Jeanne Helbach, Josiah Ziegler, Kurt and Stacey Froelich, David and Laureen Bingham, Linda Rumpler, Julie Michelson (Aquamarine)

Finances: All expenses for the year are paid to date. Association dues are current, with a few exceptions that have made agreement for late payment. Earlier this year THOA members voted in favor to change the wording of the by-laws, which referred to “commercial trucks” being parked in driveways for extended periods of time, in the Tanglewood II proper. The votes cast were 75 in favor and 5 against making the change. To make the change to the by-laws a 2/3 approval is required, which relates to 66 members. The proposed amendment will now be documented in the court system, then be legally scripted into the by-laws.

Old Business: New pool deck furniture will be delivered to the pool on June 15th. We are excited to update the commons area with a newer, attractive look.

New Business: Regarding the opening of the THOA pool: An e-letter was shared with members on Thursday, May 21st. Based on health concerns with the pandemic, the pool will be opened on June 1. The Board understands that the delay in the opening of the pool does not make everyone happy, however to error on the side of caution is the goal. A few weeks delay is for everyone’s safety, until all details can be worked out. The surrounding subdivisions, with community pools, have been in contact with each other. Based on what is posted by the Health Department and the CDC the Boards are trying to make the right decisions. Our restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized each morning by Aquamarine. There will be cleaning products supplied in the rooms for members to use on any surfaces touched before leaving the restroom. Small trash cans in the Men’s and Lady’s rooms are there only for the disposal of used cleaning materials, such as paper towels and wipes. Anything you have brought with you to the pool, please take with you when you leave.

NOTE the information posted on boards around the pool area for more restriction details.

A few members have volunteered to look into the tennis court situation and evaluate the maintenance / repair situation, and future of the court. If you have ideas or would like to join in the effort, please contact a Board member.

The topic of neighbors out walking with their pet dog(s) was brought up. After some research here are the details you should know:

  • Ohio State / Clermont County does not have a leash law. However, it is mandatory that you have responsible control of your pet at all times. The police officer stated, “The dog should respond immediately to commands.” If you can not count on your pet to be under your control, and not be threatening to others, then a leash is highly recommended for the safety of all. A dog running loose can be reported (to the police) and the owner could face fines.

  • Miami Township does have an ordinance / Resolution 92-5 (effective April 1992) ORC 955.221 / Section 1 : No person shall keep or harbor a dog within Miami Township which by frequent and habitual barking, howling or yelping creates unreasonably loud and disturbing noises of such a character, intensity and duration as to disturb the peace and quiet of any person in the Township. / Section2 : Whoever violates this resolution is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and can be penalized up to $100.00 fine.

  • Please be respectful of families, and especially children, who are not as excited about your dog(s) as you are. Some may have an actual fear of dogs. And clean up after your pet!

Common Areas: Paramount has been rehired to maintain the grounds. The pool heater is under repair, which should provide better control of the water temperature.

Next scheduled meeting: June 25th @7:00 at the pool.


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