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October 15, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Tanglewood Homeowners’ Association

Meeting October 15, 2020 Location: THOA Pool House @7:00 – 8:00

In attendance: President Janet Hillard, IT/Communications Tim Meyung, Secretary Brian Purdy

Hot Topics:

  • Murph has accepted the role of Pool and Grounds so please thank him for joining the board he did so much to get the pool open and ready this year

  • Halloween Official hours are from 6-8 pm. The state Department of Public Health released a list of recommendations to help communities have a safe and healthy Halloween. See attached link for more detail.

  • The position of Vice President is still open so please contact HOA if interested


  • Reviewed monthly expenses during the monthly meeting.

Old Business:

  • HOA website address is Please let us know if you have any questions logging in..

  • HOA Gmail address ( is up and running and being checked daily by Tim and Brian. Please send questions to this address, response time is less than a day.

New Business:

  • Some pool furniture was damaged and has since been collected by the furniture company and will be replaced when back in stock.

Tennis Courts:

  • Suzy is looking into the costs of upkeeping/re-finishing the tennis court. She has received an additional quote on repairs. We plan to discuss it more in detail in future meetings if you have questions please bring them.

To be Addressed at next meeting:

  • Open positions for VP for HOA

Next scheduled meeting: November 19th @7:00 at the pool


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