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October 19, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 10/19/23

In Attendance:

Jeff "Murph" Murphy, Kelley Schatzel, Mike Rozzo, Timothy Meyung, Andrew Laporte, Andrew Gordon

Treasurer’s Report:

  • All Dues Paid. 2024 Dues will be due April 1st.

New Business:

  • THOA Pool Closure: The THOA pool has been successfully closed for the winter. We extend our gratitude to Murph for his ongoing efforts in maintaining the pool.

  • Bathroom Lighting Update: New bathroom lighting has been installed. Special thanks to Mr. Schatzel for helping replace the outdated lighting fixtures.

Pool Area Outstanding Maintenance:

  • Multiple light poles are broken.

  • Spotlights have detached and are hanging off the building; both appear to be broken.

  • The cracked concrete pool deck needs attention, requiring repair or replacement.

  • The awnings are showing signs of wear and need replacement.

  • The kids' pool pump seems to be deteriorating and may need replacement soon.

  • The multiport on the filtration system is leaking and needs to be replaced before the pool opens next year.

  • One of the pool lights is out and needs to be replaced.

Common Area Outstanding Maintenance:

  • Trees in the parking lot need trimming. We are currently seeking quotes from Tall Oaks and Georges Tree Service for this work.

  • The playground requires fresh mulch to maintain a safe environment for our community.

Pool Maintenance Company: Concerns have been raised about the performance of the pool maintenance company over the past two years, particularly regarding inconsistencies in bathroom cleaning. THOA is actively collecting quotes for potential alternative service providers for the upcoming year.

Lock System Upgrade: The THOA board is exploring alternatives to address inconsistent and broken locks in the pool area. We are considering implementing a key card system as a potential solution.

Other Noteworthy Items:

  • Trick or Treating: Miami Township has scheduled Trick or Treating from 6-8 PM on Oct. 31st. We encourage everyone to drive safely and be mindful of children who may be walking in the streets during this time.

  • THOA Board Member Elections: Board member elections are scheduled for January. If you are interested in joining the board, please get in touch with Andrew Gordon at

Next Scheduled Meeting: November 16th


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