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September 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Tanglewood Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes 9/15/22 @ Pool

In Attendance: Andrew LaPorte, Brian Purdy, Jeff “Murph” Murphy, Kelley Schatzel, Mike Rozzo, Mary Depaul, Allison Burton

Hot Topics:

- Pool will be closing Sunday, September 18th, or weather permitting

- Parking lot repair has passed by board vote to move forward before the end of the year; we are reaching out this week for scheduling. We will alert members when we are scheduled. If you have children who ride the bus, please park on Dustywind Lane during the resurfacing process.

In preparation for the new parking lot repair, we have voted on an update to the pool/common area rules. The common area (pool) parking lot is meant to access the shared THOA amenities and for short-term parking only. Please limit your parking to 72 hours; if extended time is needed, please alert the board for guidance.

Treasurer’s Report:

- All HOA dues are paid

HOA Finances:

- Finances up to date

New Business:

- Murph is looking into stump removal of 2 trees, still getting estimates

Old Business:

- Waiting on Pool light to come in for repair, delays and out of stock has pushed back. Looking at compatible bulbs to fit.

Next Scheduled Meeting: October 20th at 8:00 pm via Zoom

Tanglewood Upcoming Events

October – Movie Night 10/7

October - Harvest Fest 10/22 December - Christmas In the Hood 12/10 (coordination with Marina)

**Includes hayride from Marina to Tanglewood Pool to meet Santa and decorate cookies**


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